Nothing would have illustrated the shameful condition in our current economic and political models more acutely this week than images of Hollywood celebrities courting the UK Royal Couple shown next to each other with film of starving African babies. While wealthy stars paid $25,000 a table to secure a sight of William and Kate, thousands are struggling to give themselves on sleep issues around the globe. Nothing could more scathingly condemn our deficiency of progress in achieving justice and fairness for all people of the earth than this. Where does the culprit lie? Did you see Queen Latifah with the 2010 Oscars or what about the, ”Just Wright,” Premiere? Pretty in Pink never wrung so true when Queen Latifah strutted the red carpet in their pink Badgely Mischka gown. This singer-actress extraordinaire proved she was an uber fashion goddess when she turned up in their own latest premiere in the belted shirt dress. This talented woman has curves and learns how to dress them!

Twitter – Only Useful If You Are Famous?

Why is there this abundance of shipwrecks, train wrecks, and human wrecks in Tinsel Town? Perhaps because it’s only a tinsel town, an illusory facade awash with seductive Sirens tirelessly magnetizing and luring a limitless stream of dreamers and schemers to taste the fruit of illusion. As the famed Dr. Samuel Johnson poetically mused in their ”Vanity of Human Wishes,”

I went along to his house, which was a great mid-century modern home on a regular street inside fancy Las Palmas neighborhood of old Palm Springs. It was some of those everything is painted white externally homes with little grandeur but impeccably clean and elegant. There wasn’t a good high gate or big bushy fence as a lot of estates in that area were like. I simply slung my banana box brimming with books onto my shoulder and strode the walkway to ring the doorbell.

4. Gisele B?�ndchen: Gisele B?�ndchen may be the fourth highest paid female celebrity in fact it is never surprising as she’s got been the highest-paid model on the planet since 2004. According to Forbes, the 30 year old Brazilian supermodel earned $45 million during the last year though modeling and product earnings climbed $20 million in the previous year and according to an April 2011 report Proctor Gamble’s Pantene shampoo sales exploded 40% in Latin America after B?�ndchen started endorsing it.